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Writing a paper is one thing but making it academic in a true sense is another. The former is easy but the latter requires knowledge and expertise. By making it academic I mean, giving citations and references in the paper. Without proper citation of the sources, no paper can stand out as an academic paper. Therefore, students must know how to cite sources using different formatting styles. 

There are several formatting styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and many more. The purpose of citation in any paper is to give credit to the authors of the material that you use in your text. Write my essay is the standard referencing style adopted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to cite its academic writings, books, journals, and research papers. 

The kind of style is different from other styles in both in-text citation and generation of a reference list that is provided at the end of the paper. For instance, in this format, both in-text citation and bibliography lists are numbered. You will do an in-text citation in numbers in square parenthesizes. Besides, at the end of the document, the reference list is numbered as well. Unlike other formats that mostly generate the reference list alphabetically, IEEE citation uses numbers instead to create a bibliography. A good essay writeris well aware of the fact that correct citation is a highly important element of any academic paper. However, not all are experts in this field. 

If you are planning to get your paper published in a reputed journal, you must learn citation style because without proper citation, neither you will be able to publish your paper nor to save it from falling in the category of plagiarism. Therefore, taking essay help for citation is vital for you to stand out as a standard scholar.

In-Text Citation

This style uses numbers in square parentheses such as [1], [2], etc. These numbers can be considered as nouns or footnotes but no separate footnote for any reference is generated in the footnote section of the paper. If you are doing in-text capitation, it can be like, do not rush to the bomb site it can damage you [1], and … as argued in [1],… One thing to notice is that you should not say as mentioned in the reference [1], instead, say, as mentioned in [1] because here numbers are being treated as nouns so avoid considering them as separate references in the in-text. Besides, if you need to use a specific portion of a reference, it will be used as follows, [1, Sec. V]. Moreover, if multiple references are to be cited at once, you should use a comma to separate them such as [1], [2]. But if you are mentioning the name of the authors, then the references will be cited separately, for more guidelines visit essay writing service.

One important thing to note in this kind of style is that the reference list at the end is ordered according to the numbers of in-text citations. Therefore, the references that were cited as [1] will always appear as [1] and will be numbered as 1 in the reference list. Even if you cite the same reference on multiple occasions in the paper, its number will remain the same. 

Reference List

A reference list is generated on a separate page at the end of the paper and with the title ‘references’ on the top of the page. All of the references are numbered according to the in-text numbers.

Make sure to do the following in references.

  1. i)                   Use surnames of the authors
  2. ii)                 List all authors up to six names in alphabetical order

iii)                Use ‘et al’ for more than six authors

  1. iv)               Use title case for publications, books, and journals  of the same size
  2. v)                 Shorten the month names

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